Well when in others city you have a place where will stop. For example, friends, relatives, acquaintances are those people on whom it is possible to count in most cases. However not in all. What to do if it is necessary to appear in others city, and there is no place to stop? It can be business trip, a business meeting, rest, travel, shopping. It is possible will stay at the hotel or to address to an apartment choice for days. In each city the situation can be different. Let's talk about the city of Minsk. Here it is inherent a tendency which is characteristic to Europa countries, namely when in the large cities of the apartment in Minsk is cheaper. In the capital of Republic of Belarus the remarkable company agency BelTopRent which offers a wide choice of apartments for all tastes is presented. Apartments for days in Minsk from BelTopRent is one of the best combinations of the price and quality among the competing companies.

The BelTopRent company offers 12 apartments on a choice: from elite to the budgetary. Let's sort that such the elite apartment days and than it is so good. Let's consider the most expensive option of the apartment on Kisilev Street located about the Pobeda Square metro station (the downtown). In it four rooms and 8 berths. At your service the free Internet on Wi-fi, a cable teleimage, household appliances (the iron, the gas stove, the washing machine, the microwave oven, a teapot, the refrigerator, ware). Besides all this is a magnificent interior, coffee/tea in existence, and also bedding. Near apartments elite restaurants, cafe and a casino are located. How many there is this apartment for days? Only 120 dollars in 24 hours. To the Moscow measures it absolutely anything, however for Minsk it isn't cheap. However, having removed this housing for 5 days, the price in days will be already 100 dollars and if for a month, total amount makes 1900.

What alternative? The BelTopRent agency offers also more affordable housing. For example, the apartment in Mulyavin Boulevard. The cost of its 50 dollars in days and 900 conventional units a month. What in it is available? Yes practically all too most as in elite, however here only one and repair is a little rooms on more simply. For the reference, Mulyavin Boulevard also is near the subway (Jakub Kolosa's station). As it is possible to see from the offer of many agencies, the shortcoming of the offer of Minsk isn't present. Apartments can be chosen for all tastes and color. Everything depends on your purpose of arrival, and also on financial opportunities.

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